Amazing Princess Jasmine Party Supplies

Many kids especially girls would love to have a Princess Jasmine themed party, but what are the main requirements to organize a successful Princess Jasmine themed party. Let’s look at some supplies and party ideas you can use for the awesome Princess Jasmine birthday party.

  • Personalized Jasmine themed invitation cards- Having customized birthday invitation cards is a nice way to start implementing the Jasmine theme. You can design your own Jasmine birthday cards or you can order them online or at a birthday supplies store.
  • Jasmine themed birthday decorations- the party decorations are the best platform to fully utilize the Princess Jasmine theme. You can have Jasmine themed door banners, Jasmine table covers, Jasmine removable wall decals and a party centerpiece such as a Jasmine standup cardboard. Jasmine themed party balloons are also an important decoration as well as a nice way to enhance the theme.
  • Jasmine themed cups and plates- this is another way to apply the Jasmine party theme by purchasing customized Jasmine party utensils such as cups, plates or even juice bottles with Jasmine stickers attached around them. Jasmine edible cake toppers and party favors such as candy wrappers and popcorn bags are awesome Princess Jasmine party supplies.
  • Another nice idea is to have the kids playing Jasmine and Aladdin games during the party or having the watch classical Jasmine and Aladdin classics.
  • You may also decide to have adults (wearing an Aladdin and Jasmine customs) to play with the kids and make the party mood livelier.

Princess Jasmine Party Supplies

All in all, organizing the ultimate Princess Jasmine themed birthday party comes down to how prepared you are. This means having the right supplies and using them properly to create a real life Princess Jasmine setting. Now that you have the key requirements and some nice ideas, you can impress your kid on her next birthday with a nice Princess Jasmine party.

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