Army Party Supplies

If one has an army aspiring kid, then a party themed on an army birthday party, will really make him or her delighted and more inspired towards their aim in life. The kids look up to the heroes so trying to be like them in the smallest sense possible for them, which is by having an army themed party, wearing army costumes, will not only encourage them but develop sense of responsibility in them.

For army party ideas, there is no need to get stressed, everything required are available here at convenient prices.

There is no exact colour as such, as the army uniform is mixture of various patches of colours mainly in the shades of green. The colour can be termed as camo which means camouflage.

For the Army Party Supplies, we will provide camouflage invitation cards and thank you cards, that is where the theme gets displayed for the first time.

The Army Party Kits include camo colours dishes, glasses, cups, beverage napkins, cutlery and a camouflage colours table cloth.

For the kids, what we have to offer is special army stationery kit, an army backpack, water bottle and a ball chain with customly named dog tags which is always a fascination for kids, also a compass and a toy gun. Also bracelets and wrist bands.

Other Army Party Ideas

For the birthday girl or boy, an army costume decorated with badges and emblem will be available.

Also comes in the kit a 50 pack of water bomb or grenade balloons, which will take the thrill among the kids all together to a different level.

Paper hangings, streamers, etc. decorative items are available too.

A camouflaged personalised birthday banner will be installed at the gate of the house. The National flag will also be provided for hanging or hoisting on a pole, as preferred, will rise sentiments and patriotic pride.

The true punch lies when we arrange for a real soldier to come to the party, may be for half an hour in uniform. The kids will be motivated and thrilled to meet him or her, interact and may be witness some army drills.

Lastly, the party can give over with distribution of certificates to the children, to certify that they have attended this army birthday party on this date at this place. A written souvenir, a childhood memory for the rest of their lives.

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