Awesome Ideas For An Awesome Oktoberfest Party

Oktoberfest is the biggest Volkfest with over six million people from all over the world attending the celebration in Munich, Germany. The celebration is usually held between late September and the first week of October. Here are some of the best Oktoberfest party ideas:

Have a beer garden
An Oktoberfest party cannot be an Oktoberfest without a beer garden; for the perfect beer garden I would recommend going traditional. Use traditional decorations such as putting up lights, wreaths and streamers. Your beer garden should be as colorful as it possibly can. You can also use empty German beer bottles as an accessory to line up your garden. It would be wise to use a blue and white decoration color theme since these are the most common Oktoberfest colors.

Oktoberfest party ideas

Oktoberfest party ideas

Have German booze
Oktoberfest is not complete without the traditional German beer to get party goers merry. German beer has been the official drink of the festival and you should therefore make sure you have numerous bottles of it. In case you can’t get your hands on enough German booze, you may mix it with ordinary beer but make sure that the German beer is the main highlight of the party since it is one of the most important Oktoberfest party supplies.

Incorporate carnival games
The official Oktoberfest is mainly made of travelling funfair; hence it would be wise for you to have carnival games during your Oktoberfest party. Such games will make the affair livelier and can be accompanied by delicacies such as necklace cookies which serve as the winnings of the fun games. You should therefore make sure you have a lot of cookies at your party.

Type of food to serve
The traditional description of Oktoberfest is that it comes with an unforgettable aroma of roasted chicken and German beer. You party won’t be complete without serving roasted chicken. You should therefore serve your guests with roasted chicken to bring out the full Oktoberfest feeling.

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