Carnival Birthday Party Supplies

Have you ever longed for having a carnival party theme for your child’s birthday and you don’t know how to go about it? If you shrink at the thought of inconveniency you will experience while taking your children out to an amusement park or a carnival, why not look at having a local carnival at your own garden.

The first thing to do is to send out invitations so that you will have an idea of the number of games and carnival attractions you will need. Carnival games like Tic TAC Toe, Clown throw ball, ring toss, fill the bottles with colored water (food dyes) can be planned for a carnival theme party. Small prizes should also be prepared for the winners.

Face painting is one of the essential Carnival Birthday Party Supplies. Hire a professional face painter. Alternatively, you can get face painting supplies online and do it yourself. Face paints and supplies are readily available and there are guide books to get you started. Candy floss and popcorn are the best treat for a carnival theme party .You could either hire a machine in to dispense freshly made ones or buy bags of popcorn and candy floss. All you have to do is to make it have the looks of a carnival. Also, you can make or buy apple toffees.

Decoration: Your decoration should stand out, colorful fabrics and balloons with some magical light will make your party look like a real carnival. Just like a real carnival, you need plenty of clowns. You could either ask your helpers to wear clown fancy dress, or wear fancy dress showman’s jackets or you could make it a fancy dress party and really complete the theme. All these Carnival Birthday Party Supplies are available on our online store. Get your packet now!

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