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For Neverlanders: Peter Pan Party Supplies

Peter pan is a character in created in a novel by J.M Barrie a Scottish novelist and playwright. He is also known as “the boy who never grows up”.

Your kids will be thrilled with peter pan Party Ideas! Peter, “an imaginary boy who never grow up”. No doubt, it is one of the most famous kiddie’s party themes ever, Children and adults alike will love spending some time in never land. The magical jungle, Captain Hook’s pirate ship, guests will get lost in the wonder of their youthfulness. Are you hosting a birthday party for someone, the Peter Pan party supplies will make guests abandon the real world for a while and enjoy a memorable party. Let your guests remember the fun and innocence and their childhood with captivating games. Underneath are listed some peter pan party ideas. Use some peter pan stickers to make your own party invitations.

Peter pan party supplies

Peter pan party supplies

Party Supplies

You can get some Peter Pan Party Supplies from our online party store and decorations. Theme party plates, a Piñata, balloons and napkins and perhaps a party centerpiece are more than enough to make your house look festive. Kids love bright colors and balloons and it is fun to decorate. You can also use pictures of Captain Hook, Tiger Lily, Tinkerbelle, Nana the dog, The Lost Boys or any other fun characters from to decorate. Get a few packs of stickers with peter on them as a party gift for each of your guests.

Never Land Game Ideas

Fun party games like Pin the Wand on The Fairy can be played .you can make a little twist to the old classic games being played at parties. Kids would enjoy treasure hunt, Musical chairs, and Freeze Dance. Older kids can play twister.

So, moms you can easily get Peter Pan party ideas from our website.

Sleeping Beauty Party Supplies for Your Fairy

Choosing a theme for a birthday party is certainly challenging, especially as the kids get older. It is also important, regardless of the birthday party theme you plan to choose, to involve your girl. You can ask her for ideas. Almost every girl wishes to look or be a princess and so setting a theme of sleeping beauty is always appreciated.

Sleeping beauty party supplies include firstly sending invitations. We have plenty of supplies and you can stick different sleeping beauty pictures on them by downloading it from the internet. The other supplies for your sleeping beauty party will be supplied by us and that includes princess plates, bowls, cups, forks, spoons and knives.

Keeping in mind the entertainment purpose for kids, we make tiaras and crowns using construction paper or crafts kits, glitter and stickers. As with all other parties, we give party boxes or bags containing small gifts for the guests.

Sleeping beauty party supplies

Sleeping beauty party supplies

Once again, no matter what age you are, the birthday cake is always very important. In fact, a birthday is nothing without the cake and candles. We ensure to get sleeping beauty birthday party cake following the theme and put a Disney Princess on the cake. We also offer this cake with a crown cake or an enchanted castle cake, but whatever it is, it looks fantastic.

Sleeping beauty party supplies also include party hats and balloons for the kids, besides souvenir kits or bags. We provide balloons in different sizes and shapes to add more excitement to the birthday party and also to make the young guests enjoy different colors.

We ensure to offer attractive designs and good quality party hats. We also allow you to decide the souvenir kits or what you wish the keepsakes to be. After the party, send thank you cards that we have packed with the other supplies. This will remind your guests always of your kids wonderful themed party.

Beauty and the Beast Party Supplies

Since themed birthday parties are all the rage today, a host of such parties should not lose out in terms of themes. For that purpose, get your hands on this elaborate and comprehensive Beauty and the Beast party supplies that will turn your event into the perfect birthday bash for your children. If you think that this theme is obsolete then you are wrong. It is true that Elsa and Anna have been getting all the attention today, but with a theme this classic you could not go wrong. Show your children the elegance of Beast’s castle filled with animated decorations and utensils and they are sure to fall for them.

Beauty and the Beast Party Ideas

The girls would absolutely love Belle’s dress from their famous dance scene. An official Disney princess, the dancing gown of Belle is equipped to the bottom for royalty. Your party will look like the perfect cast of the famous movie with many Beasts and Belles. There are items for other characters too. Get the whole cast right and dress up as the butler-turned candle stick and the famous family of teapots. Beauty and the Beast party ideas are not only easy to pull off, but also easy to get right.

Beauty and the Beast party supplies

Image: Beauty and the Beast party supplies

One of the best features of Beauty and the Beast party supplies is that they fit right in anywhere you choose; be it an indoor party or an outdoor one under the sun, the decorations will make the place seem royal and mysterious, just as depicted in the animated film. While this may sound like a theme fitted for girls, boys too would have a blast donning their Beast suits. You could just imagine how cute the scene will be with all the Beasts playing around with the Belles. This would be perfect for your themed parties, especially if you are sick of Frozen themed ones that are flooding the nation.