Components of a Carnival Party Theme

The main secret of adapting a carnival party theme is to create a realistic impression and feeling of the real carnival. As you can imagine, this will probably take a lot of work in both planning and executing. So here are a few components you will certainly need.

First, you need carnival decorations which can be coloured balloons and other inflatables, red and white stripped wall covers and table covers, red and white stripped cups, plates, popcorn bags and candy bags. It would be a good idea to have your tables set up like carnival stands to create a more convincing outlook.

Second, you should have some carnival customs and props such as photo booth props and clown noses. These will help you to create your own carnival-like characters for your party; you can also use stand-up cardboard characters instead, since your guests may not be all willing to dress up.

carnival party supplies

carnival party supplies

Have a lot of carnival games assortments for your party. These may include; carnival spinner boards, cola ring toss, carnival dice games, squirt guns games, puzzle balls, ice cream cone shooters game, carnival can bean bag toss game and many more others. Carnival games are a great way to make you party lively and enhance the party’s carnival feeling.

Finally have a lot of carnival foods; obviously it won’t be a carnival party if the carnival party supplies don’t include carnival delicacies such as cotton candy, corn dogs, fried pickles, deep fried Oreos, caramel apples, candied almonds, fried ice cream and many others. It is not a must to have the whole lot of carnival treats but make sure you have the most popular ones at your party. Have candy rewards for the winners in the carnival games being played to enhance the carnival feeling of the party.

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