Glow in the Dark Party Supplies

A sweet 16 party is always thrilling and is the most fun time. You can make it a unique evening such that it is memorable forever by arranging a glow in the dark party. However, this theme is appropriate if you like to dance, enjoy a good party with friends, love shiny and bright colors and also some upbeat music.

A glow in the dark party refers to a big dance party. In such parties, the venue is extremely dark, while on the other hand the decorations glow in the dark. Normally black lights are used and guests something in white.

The Glow in the Dark Party Supplies includes highlighters. The guests are given white tank top or t shirts to wear during the party hours and each guest receives a highlighter. This helps them to sign others t -shirts. The party supplies include huge sheets or white boards that can be hung on the walls so that the guests draw graffiti.

If you plan to have a glow in the dark party make sure the highlighters are erasable, or monitor the guests very closely. This is because your guests should not stain your walls too much.

The Glow in the Dark Party Supplies decorations include white streamers and balloons, black lights, strobe light or disco ball, neon cups, dishware and straws, a couple of neon lights. You can also find neon colors couches and blow up chairs at some party stores. In fact, this is great for seating and offers a night club venue feel.

You can give glow in the dark jewelry or makeup, glow sticks or necklaces for the guests to wear in the party. You can also give CDs with sweet 16 songs featuring neon colors as party favor or the jewelry or glow sticks. They do not cost much.

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