Tom and Jerry Party Supplies

Tom and Jerry being one of the legends in the field of comic characters is among the favourites for all age group, specially the kids. Your kid will be thrilled to have Tom and Jerry as the theme for the party on his or her special day.

You need not run around like a cat or a mouse, here and there and there arranging for your child’s Tom and Jerry Party Supplies, cause you can appoint us to do that job and we will do the entire planning and arrangements for the party. We will provide you with a list of Tom and Jerry party ideas and supplies.

Tom and Jerry Party Ideas

What we have to offer are, Tom and Jerry invitations cards, Tom and Jerry party hats, masks, plates, glasses, cutlery and napkins, also some tom and jerry toys as souvenirs for the kids.

For the decoratives, we have Tom and Jerry balloons, ceiling hangings and posters, a Tom and Jerry featured table cloth.

To perfect the environment a Tom and Jerry theme songs audio cds for playing as a background music.

An air walker Tom and Jerry balloon to be installed outside your door, it will aware the passers-by and the invitees that such a party is being held in this particular house.

Professionals are readily available to be hired to get into the costume of Tom and Jerry, who will entertain the children and play with them.
A Tom and Jerry picturised birthday cake can be ordered, this will add up to the theme of the party.

Tom and Jerry Party Supplies kit will also include goodies can also be ordered, that will contain, a Tom and Jerry backpack, water sipper, cap, stationery and stickers. These can be given to the friends of your child, so that they leave the party smiling and happy.

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